Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm still alive...

...and writing a blog post!

An update on stuff that's happened since my last post, which was... uh... almost four months ago *hangs head in shame*.
1. We moved into an actual apartment of our own. Located right above a gay nightclub, as we then discovered.
2. I've started school, and that's kind of nice. Here, period means 85 minutes rather than 8-ish weeks, and the proper name for a skip is "honor pass" o.O
3. They know me at Starbucks. It's kind of scary, actually.
4. Oh, and we have a driver and a maid! Ahh, the life of a bule... maybe I shouldn't get too used to this, though.
5. And we just got internet access two days ago, which is always a good thing. In fact, the main reason I haven't done much (read: any) blogging recently is due to lack of internet.

Because I know how much y'all love my countdowns: 78 days. Until what? Why, FINLAND of course! <3

Other than that, I really don't have much to write about. Maybe I should go into huge detail about my school. Ok, that's what I'll do.

My school starts at 7.30 every morning, except Tuesdays, when it starts at 8.30. This means I get up at five. This means I'm a cranky bitch by the end of the week, but that's ok. Anyways, my school is really frikkin' huge, and it's full of palm trees and cats. The lunch is cheap - although I do find myself missing pinattiletut and makaronilaatikko and most importantly, kumiperunat. Too much choice here. :P

Also, the school library is pretty awesome, although they're a bit too enthusiastic with the AC, like in every other part of the school. Which is why I love breaks, it's always so nice and warm outside. Yes, that was shameless gloating about how I'm in Indonesia and it's just south of the equator and there's still tons of snow in Finland and HA HA!!!

Yup, probably should leave it at that, end on a positive note, rather than sitting here writing and going all sentimental and starting to talk about how I miss Finland and how I miss everyone and how I can't wait for those eleven weeks and one day to pass and gahh.

Right, over and out. Until next time. <3

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