Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis the Season...

It's December 1st, folks! And that means it's not only Hug A Finn Day, it's also Chocolate Day - you all got your calendars? I don't, and that is what I will be bitching about today.

Indonesia is a muslim country. But I mean, that's no excuse! Ranch Market sells all sorts of Christmas chocolates, so why not calendars? What about the little western kids *cough cough* for whom it's a tradition?

Other Christmas stuff from the Tropics: I love going to Starbucks, because some of the employees wear those amazing Christmas hats. <3 Plus Pepperming Mocha is really good, and I never thought I'd say something like that about coffee.

Well, yeah, not much else Christmas over here... Grahh. Silly country.

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