Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis the Season...

It's December 1st, folks! And that means it's not only Hug A Finn Day, it's also Chocolate Day - you all got your calendars? I don't, and that is what I will be bitching about today.

Indonesia is a muslim country. But I mean, that's no excuse! Ranch Market sells all sorts of Christmas chocolates, so why not calendars? What about the little western kids *cough cough* for whom it's a tradition?

Other Christmas stuff from the Tropics: I love going to Starbucks, because some of the employees wear those amazing Christmas hats. <3 Plus Pepperming Mocha is really good, and I never thought I'd say something like that about coffee.

Well, yeah, not much else Christmas over here... Grahh. Silly country.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Right, not been updating in a while. I've been here three weeks, and it's been a pretty strange time. Some of the stuff I've had to put up with:

1. The traffic. The sheer amount of it is unbelievable.
2. The heat. It's hot.
3. The storms. Which are fucking epic.
4. The exchange rate. 10 000 rupiah = 90 cents.
5. The random guys who try to flirt. With me.

But you get used to it, except for maybe the heat, which I haven't got used to, and in fact I pretty much have a permanent cold from the AC. But now to list the really good stuff about Jakarta:

1. They have Starbucks.
2. The epic storms.
3. Everything is amazingly cheap. 10 000 rupiah gets you pretty far, to be honest.
4. Nah, that's it really.

Right, that should satisfy you all for now. :P <3