Saturday, October 30, 2010

Culture Shock!

Ok, this is going to be a hugely long post, so prepare yourselves.

First of all the flight. Well, three flights, to be honest. We flew with KML, and all I can say is they have the most awesome food. They served ice cream at a completely random time in the middle of the night :O. And Schiphol airport in Amsterdam = fucking pretty.

But about Jakarta: We finally arrived at Soekarno-Hatta after ages of flying. And you could just feel the heat as soon as you stepped off the airplane, it was amazing. And to get inside the airport properly, we had to walk through this glass tunnel, and there were gardens on both sides, and it was amazingly beautiful. <3

Baggage claim took ages, and it was getting dark when we left the airport. When we finally got to Jakarta itself, it was dark, and the city looked amazing. The first thing that came to mind was Las Vegas, although I was assured that in daytime, it was a whole different world. Nothing like Vegas, that is.

Well, I was convinced pretty soon... there were so many people on the street, and they were climbing on buses. Honestly, there were people climbing out the windows onto the roof. :O People were also walking among the traffic, and motorcycles outnumbered the cars 5 to 1, approximately. There was an actual family of four on one fucking motorcycle. And traffic is as messed up as traffic can get... several motorcycles were doing some risky stuff, plus the number of cars (including ours...) driving on the "hati-hati buslane". :D

I've probably forgotten most of the stuff I was supposed to write... it's just so unbelievable, it's like a different reality. And Karo's comment about the looks of Indonesian guys - I'm starting to agree with that. :D Sorry, Indonesians, but...

Yeah, I'll be writing more later, once I actually get over the fact that I'm really here.

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  1. see only positive stuff you've come up to say! (but the looks of 'em). still, woow, sounds exactly like panama:D